Keeping Moharram and Ashura culture alive from Imam Khomeini's point of view

Keeping Moharram and Ashura culture alive from Imam Khomeini's point of view

The founder of the Islamic Republic used to say the holy months of Muharram and Safar have kept Islam alive and advised preachers to promote genuine teachings during this period.
Imam Khomeini the leader of the Islamic Republic used to frequently emphasize on significance of reviving the culture of Ashura and genuine message as delivered by the grandson of the holy prophet of Islam, Imam Hussein (peace be upon him).

Imam Khomeini used to participate in ceremonies which were held in remembrance of sacrifices rendered by Imam Hussein (PBUH) and his loyal companions. Imam used to remind the official and the Muslim masses the traditions narrated by the holy prophet which highlight virtues of Imam Hussein (PBUH) and his role as the lamp of guidance.

According to Imam Khomeini, The martyrdom of Imam Hussein (PBUH) along with his faithful companions on the 10th of Muharram 61 AH, created one of the most heart-breaking scenes. The Ashura movement also brought on the course of human history such a great spiritual and moral change whose profound impact after several centuries is still being felt.

The grandson of the holy prophet of Islam rose up against the corruption of the corrupt rulers who claimed to be the caliph of Muslims at that time and had caused a decline in religion by distorting the pure tents of Islam and a denial of the divine revelation. Those rulers were resorting to the rituals of age of Jahiliyah (ignorance).

Imam Hossein (PBUH) has been introduced as the role model by the honorable prophet of Islam. It is widely reported in authentic Islamic resources that the holy prophet of Islam also said: “Truly Hossein is the lamp for guidance and the ark for salvation.”

The Message of Muharram is portrayed in the following selection of texts chosen from the great leader of the revolution’s statements and words regarding the importance of the ceremonies held mourning the martyrdom of Imam Hussein (PBUH).
With the appearance of the new moon, Muharram, the month of heroism, bravery, and sacrifice has commenced. It is a month wherein the blood conquered the sword; it is a month in which the power of truth rescinded the wrong forever and stamped the forehead of tyrants and the satanic governments with its stigma. It is a month which has taught the generations throughout history the path of victory over the lances; a month that witnessed the downfall of big powers against the word of truth. Indeed, it is a month in which the Imam of the Muslims has taught us the way of campaigning against the oppressed in history- a way wherein the closed fists of freedom-wishers, independence-seekers, and the truth-tellers should overcome the tanks, machine-guns, and the array of Iblis] Satan [. Falsehood should vanish before the word of truth. The Imam of the Muslims has taught us to rise against a tyrant, in any age, who rules ruthlessly over Muslims- even though your strength happened to be inconsistent, you should display your disdain and denial. If you see the prestige of Islam in peril, do make sacrifices and ever forges your blood.

The founder of the Islamic Republic also wanted the people to hold such mourning religious gatherings without understanding the real philosophy of this important and tragic event.

The founder of the Islam Republic also said that some previous regimes such as Pahlavi dynasty wanted to eradicate the culture of Ashura from society.

Imam maintains the culture of Ashura challenges and confronts all types of oppression, tyranny, colonialism and carries cultural, social and political messages.

The free-minded people of the world gratitude and hail Imam Khomeini, the great man who was a perfect example of a follower of the Master of Martyrs. A man who, in the dark night of oppression, hoisted the shining torch of martyrdom, and raised the banners of uprising.

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